24 March 2009

Make Room for Mao

At lunch today, Min , our Administrative Support Coordinator (such a lousy title for such an invaluable colleague!), was recounting how much she and her husband have changed from their days in China. She recalled her family's first television (in 1968 or so) and how she had assumed everyone in China had such things. She told us that it was only when she saw how her classmates actually lived (very differently from her very nice life with the t.v. and refrigerator, etc) that she realized that she had to leave China.

This, naturally, led to a discussion but not of politics, human rights, or the redistribution of wealth but rather to what the heck they'd be watching on Chinese tv in the late 60s anyway.

I Love Mao

The Mickey Mao(se) Club

Mao 5-0

My Three Maos
The Mao Bunch

Leave it to Mao

I Dream of Mao
That Mao!

and Hogan's Heroes (because everybody loves making fun of the Nazis)

1 comment:

  1. Min added later that the communist news on the television was always good. No bad news ever. I think we ought to try that...or perhaps we already did with that whole "Mission Accomplished" thing!