27 February 2011

What does it say about us, as a culture, that we allowed...

...comic George Burns to die without having recorded at least one album of the old Vaudeville patter songs that he would sing when he'd appear on The Tonight Show and other venues, but he did record the god-awful country album I Wish I Was Eighteen Again and A Musical Trip With George Burns (with the artist wearing a Nehru jacket and beads on the cover)? 

(This sculpture does give me hope for us however!)

And what does it say about me for thinking about this without having heard or seen George Burns in recent memory and despite the fact that he's been dead for a while?

And, as always, here's to Gracie, too!

(While I'm thinking about the two of them, one of my favorite contemporary poetry books is Lloyd Schwatrz's 1992 Good Night, Gracie. Check it out.)

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