03 February 2011

I'm not sure when that plural form went away, but, if I have to read about buildings collapsing...

...under the weight of heavy snow and ice, then I want my "rooves" back!

"Roofs" just doesn't do it for me, and I have no interest in moving to New Zealand or Australia, where I have read they still use "the older form of the word."

(Even the bloody blogspot.com spellcheck doesn't recognize "rooves."  But then again, it doesn't recognize "blogspot" either, so perhaps that's not the best bellwether ever.)


  1. Apparently this has been a matter of taste since for a long time with both forms in usage since the 1200's. OED DRAFT REVISION Sept. 2010

    I want to know why the h in hrof went away when other silent h's were retained.

  2. Good thing it isn't roofies eh? (Flunitrazepam)

  3. I was wondering why that rule didn't apply to everything...try calling Webster Dictionary and protest!!!! ;)