20 February 2011

Quick ranking of my Top 10 Elvis Costello albums

10 The Juliet Letters, with the Brodsky Quartet (1993)
Many think that these forays into other genres are quaint or vaguely interesting, but, in the end, not worth his time and effort.  I couldn't disagree more.

Almost Blue (1981)
Yeah, I know, even E.C. hated this album, but it got me through my first (and only) year of law school.  He, of course, has revisited country/roots music many times since, but the idea of a young English punk recording in Nashville -- and thoroughly hating the producer for the entire duration -- makes the result all the more pleasing.

8 Punch the Clock (1983)
Those TKO Horns (not to mention Chet Baker on "Shipbuilding")!!!

7 Mighty Like a Rose (1991)
Filled with plenty of clever melodies and intricate arrangements

6 My Aim Is True (1977)
The first of a wonderful career

5 King of America (1986)
Couldn't figure out what to call himself at the time, but real solid songs from beginning to end

4 Get Happy (1980)
Twenty Nick Lowe-produced tracks on a one-disc vinyl album...UNHEARD OF at the time!

3 For the Stars, with Anne Sofie von Otter (2001)
It shouldn't have worked, but it does...beautifully

Armed Forces (1979)
Military metaphors for the erotic arena (didn't the Roman poet Horace do that too?)

Imperial Bedroom (1982)
One great song after another with a richness and diversity of sound that cannot be ignored...he became our "Town Crier" indeed with this album.


  1. Get Happy is one of those "Top 5"/"Island Albums"... well I guess not nowadays. It all fits so nicely on an ipod.

  2. Sigh...yes, the album is fighting for its life (or probably lost the fight for its life)... Even the re-releases of Elvis's stuff gets all messed up because they include so many out-takes and b-sides and...I just want a clean sounding album!