17 June 2010

You say it's the sound of...

...vuvuzelas making that persistent buzzing at all the World Cup matches, but I just can't shake the memory of the 1943 letter to FBI Director Hoover about the strange whistling on all those Sinatra radio broadcasts:

"Last night as I heard Lucky Strike produce more of this same hysteria I thought: how easy it would be for certain-minded manufacturers to create another Hitler here in America through the influence of mass-hysteria. I believe that those who are using that shrill whistling sound are aware that it is similar to that which produced Hitler. That they intend to get a Hitler in by first planting in the minds of the people that men like Frank Sinatra are OK therefore this future Hitler will be OK." (Kuntz and Kuntz, The Sinatra Files, 4)

So, just replace "Lucky Strike" with "ESPN," "shrill whistling" with "buzzing," and "Sinatra" with "soccer," and we've got ourselves a great conspiracy theory!

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