27 June 2010

Another reason to hate HD ("high definition TV" not the author)

from the NY Times "How HDTV Scrambles Beauty Standards":

Screen idols like Montgomery Clift and Ava Gardner, known for the contrasts in their coloring, which played especially well in Technicolor and other early color systems, can seem garish in high-def, which makes colors “pop,” often unpleasantly. Stark contrasts — a formerly winning combo like black hair, rosy skin and green eyes — can actually be ruinous these days, Carmindy wrote. “Super pale skin with dark, dyed hair does not look as nice as natural coloring, i.e. light skin light hair, medium skin brown hair, etc.” High def likes monochrome. (Carmindy also pointed out that “dark skin always fares better than lighter skin as it does not show as many lines, veins and discolorations as lighter skin.”)

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