18 June 2010

I don't go to the movies very much anymore...

...and now I know why:

1) Before the film they show commercials. No, I'm not talking movie trailers; I'm talking commercials for TV shows, some of which I'm trying to escape (i.e., anything from HG TV --like Design Star)!

2) Every movie apparently, at least according to the previews, has to be 3D...although we saw the non-3D version of Toy Story III, and, y'know, I didn't miss the third dimension! (I think we're due for a Scarlet Letter remake...in glorious 3D!)

3) They're making a live-action version of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," even as the preview for it begins with more-than-a-minute's-worth of the producer and director talking about what a classic the Fantasia version was (and, all of which I took to be excellent arguments against any such a project). Don't they listen to themselves at all?

4) The Happy Feet people are making an owl movie, but the owls won't be tap dancing! What's the point of that?

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