16 June 2010

A friend of mine lent me the boxed set of the first season of ...

...the 1950's Walt Disney series Spin and Marty. Premiered in November 1955 on the Mickey Mouse Club, the series is about a couple of boys and their experiences at the Triple R Ranch.

One of the special features of the box set is the entire episode of the Mickey Mouse Club during which Spin and Marty was introduced. What fascinated me was trying to determine what the "parental guidance" rating of the MMC would be today with its

a) gun play (both live and animated);

b) sword play (both live and animated, including a very freewheeling fencing demonstration by one of the Mouseketeers and his brother ...with the rest of the Mousekegang running to get out of their way with squeals of laughter/fear!);

c) a drunk camel in the Mickey Mouse cartoon, "Mickey in Arabia," and, in the same cartoon;

d) Minnie Mouse getting kidnapped and assaulted by that ever-evil cat/bully who's trying to kiss her against her will!

Let's see, that's V D S: violence, drugs, and sex...

Ah, nothing but good after-school TV!

(It did, in addition, help my 11-year-old understand more fully the context of the "Woody's Round-up" plot from Toy Story II.****)

(****In case I haven't mentioned this before, TS II is one of the three greatest sequels ever along with Godfather II and The New Testament.)

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