18 June 2010

Just saw "Toy Story Three"...

...and, while not the artistic accomplishment of TS II, it truly dazzled and entertained. The story worked well, and, even as it revisited earlier motifs and plot lines, made not a few memories of its own. For example, the bad guy's really bad, and I even believed at one point that none of the toys would survive (how great a stunnner would that have been!). Most importantly, it really drove home the truth that a boy and his toys are in many ways closer than a boy and his family could ever be, so bring a hanky just in case, gentlemen.

I did miss hearing a poignant Randy Newman song like "When She Loved Me" from II or "I Will Go Sailing No More" from the original, and I won't be surprised if there's some objection to, well, not so much the characterization of Ken as to the fairly cheap laughs the script has at his expense.

My big laughs: Barbie's rights of the governed speech, a nehru jacket, and the harmonica coming from the cell!

Go see it...a worthy denouement to a fine cinematic trilogy!

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