26 March 2013

Top 10 Musical Highlights from Playlist of College Road Trip with Older Daughter


10.  The Statue of Liberty at sea in Billy Joel and Paul Simon

9.  "...disease’s venereal" (John Wesley Harding, "Captain Courageous")

8.  Suggesting everything from Joni Mitchell to Chicago to Cecilia Bartoli as possible sources for a song for NBHS's Music Maynia

7.  Singing the background breezes for Dylan's "Caribbean Wind"

6.  Realizing Tim Rice's Aida is just Tim Rice's Jesus Christ Superstar

5.  Burning churches in Billy Joel and Paul Simon

4.  The point toward the end of "Save the People"when the entire company of Godspell joins in

3.  Stating with assurance that Bookends is the best Simon and Garfunkel album

2.  Singing the lyrics of the B-52s' "Love Shack" to their "Channel Z" without missing a beat since it's the same song

1.  Remembering my introducing her to The Lovin Spoonful's "Rain on the Roof" one day on a ride into Holmes Elementary School so many years ago!



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