02 March 2013

Some Memorable Moments from "An Evening with John Wesley Harding/Wesley Stace," 2/28/13, CCSU

Photo credit: Christine Perkins

"They'll teach any kind of crap in college these days."
: Christopher Stace, Wesley's father, a medieval Latinist (N.B.: This is the man who upon hearing his son's album, John Wesley Harding's New Deal, commented that it "displays heterodox theology.")

"That song ['The Governess"] is about Minnie Driver."

"I had forgotten there were horns in the middle of that ['Oh, Pandora']."

"Oh, Pandora" isn't based in Hesiod; it has it roots in, if anything, the 1929 Louise Brooks film, Die Büchse der Pandora, directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst.

My Cabinet of Wonders-ish introduction of Wes:
"He's John Wesley Harding when he plays his guitar,
and Wes Stace when he writes on computer.
At Central he's a class in which you work very hard
Or else you'll be seeking a tutor." 

(Okay, that  may be "memorable" for me only)

The story about his own "quest" for his ventriloquist grandfather's dummy.

"Who would've guessed that the next platform would be nothing?!"

Excellent questions from the panel: Tom Hazuka (Professor of Creative Writing - Fiction), Charles Menoche (Chair of Music, Professor of Composition), Stephanie White (student in Eng 214)

"I see my songs as novels, not short stories."

Eng 214: The Allusive John Wesley Harding/Wesley Stace is "a gateway drug to good literature."

The Playlist:

"Making Love to Bob Dylan"
"That's When I Knew" (a brand new song)
"There's a Starbucks (Where the Starbucks Used to Be)"
A brand new song about a bedroom, the title of which I don't know
"Miss Fortune" (What a great way to end the show!)

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