17 March 2013

Considering one's legacy...

...can be an interesting activity.

The question arose as I read the various descriptions of the lithographs, etc, in the Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit at the New Britain Museum this past Saturday afternoon.  The descriptions include mentions of any number of people who inhabited/frequented Montmartre and whom HTL memorialized in his art. 

Given the brevity that such art exhibit blurbs demand, of course, a person needs to be summed up in, usually, a sentence at most. 

In one, an actor is described as "known for his good looks and elegant dress." 

That, I thought, would be a great way to be remembered a century from now!

But later in my wanderings I found one that is more likely to approximate my own:

[He] had a round face and seemed to have a limited intellect.

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