21 February 2012

Paging Katie Couric! Paging Katie Couric!

So, prepping for my colonoscopy on Sunday and early Monday morning gave me a sense of accomplishment. And I bet I'm not alone in this. 

So, given that physicians want to encourage their patients to have the procedure, I have a couple ideas (the first quite seriously, the second less so) for t-shirts/hats, etc. to be given to whomever has a colonoscopy.

 It should be accompanied by a major public service announcement campaign...hence, the need of Ms. Couric!

Slogan 1:  
I've been 'py-ed
(Have you?)

It should, of course, be "'scoped," but no lay person says that.  We always use the name of the procedure.

Slogan 2:

I put it where the sun don't shine
(Have you?)

Katie, have your people call mine.


  1. Hope everything came out OK! And you got a clean bill of health. (All puns intended.)