17 February 2012

Governor Malloy, have your "brand" people call me!

From yesterday's Hartford Courant:

...Later, [Economic Development Commisioner Catherine] Smith said that the state would be increasing money for tourism to $25 million and would be developing a new "brand" for Connecticut.

"The governor worked on the 'I Love New York' campaign when he was in law school,'' Smith told Sen. Toni Harp, D-New Haven, the longtime co-chairwoman of the appropriations committee. "We haven't got a brand yet that we can hang our hat on. We hired four firms to do the work with us. ... I forget all the names of these various firms.''

Yes, just what Connecticut -- the former "New England's Rising Star" -- needs: more branding!

But, as a good citizen of the state, Mr. Governor, I can sell you this slogan for a mere $100,000:

In Connecticut, there's only one YOU!

I knoooow, you love it!

We'll talk.

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