13 February 2012

Literary Death Match #2: Royall Tyler vs. Rock Royalty

Girlfriends and Their Brothers

Plague on it! this is unlucky. A fighting brother is a cursed appendage to a fine girl. Egad! I just stopped in time; had he not discovered himself, in two minutes more I should have told him how well I was with his sister. Indeed, I cannot see the satisfaction of an intrigue, if one can't have the pleasure of communicating it to our friends.

:Royall Tyler, The Contrast (1787)


When you're alone in some city hotel,
you can get comfort just from ringing a bell.
You might pick up a girl on the street,
but my baby gives it up totally free.
My baby's accountant never cause you alarm;
My baby's brother never break-a your arm.
My baby, I, I, I love her!

: Pete Townsend, "My Baby Gives it Away,"  Rough Mix (1977)

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