29 January 2011

Unrest in Egypt: Some thoughts

1. Hosni Mubarak is 82?  He looks great!  (All that election-fixing and ignoring his people really wears well on him.)

2. If I were Mubarak, I'd be less than pleased to see pictures of my tanks (which I had sent specifically to break up the protests and enforce the curfew) being sat on and ridden by the protesters.

3. Mubarak made a major mistake when he shut down internet access in Egypt several days ago.  Without facebook, what else did all those people have to do other than to hit the streets?  Remember, tyrants, in the future, keep your people on-line...if they're playing Farmville, they won't be burning you in effigy in every city throughout your country.

4. The protesters in Tunisia and Yemen must be really ticked.  They were first, and everyone's paying attention to Egypt.

5. Where have you gone, Cleopatra? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you!

(And, not really about Egypt, this question stems from the news coverage about it: Are U.S. presidents issued sweaters to wear on weekends?)


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