27 January 2011

Two media critiques (weather and sports)

1.  Local news should not (as they did amidst the recent sub-zero temperatures) report, on the one hand, how the cold was sending more and more people to the hospital with frostbite and only those who NEEDED to be outside should go outside, and, on the other, in the very next story, have a weatherperson on the roof of a building to show how cold it was outside.  A reporter in a parka, hat, and gloves, and standing on/in front of a snowdrift, is no more credible than one in a studio.  And just because a remote broadcast is possible doesn't mean it's necessary.

2.  If Federer is being annoyed by Djokovic's incessant pre-serve ball bouncing at the Australian Open, feel free to make mention of it, but DON'T focus a camera on his hand bouncing the ball.  It IS in fact annoying, and, while Mr. Federer must suffer through it, the viewers do not.  We can (and this one did) turn it off.

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