30 January 2011

Unrest in Egypt (III): Cabinet Suggestions for President Mubarak

As my two earlier posts on Egypt, I hope, make clear: I am a man of answers.  In light of this, I have some suggestions for President Mubarak's cabinet who will serve him better than the choices he's already made.  His picks should be "outside the box," at least if he really wants to survive or at least make it seem like he's willing to change.  All of my suggestions are either out-of-work, soon-to-be-out-of-work, or need a different job..

1. Regis Philbin...because EVERYBODY loves the Reege

2. Joe Lieberman...because he's shown him to be enough of a hawk to please Mr. Mubarak and, now that Mr. Joe-mentum is a lame duck, I'm pretty sure he need not be in the country at all...much less Connecticut

3. Susan Bysiewicz...because what are the odds that serving in the Egyptian cabinet has any requirements regarding the practice of law, and, more importantly, as former Secretary of State who oversaw presidential primaries in CT, she knows a thing or two about how to hold an election that doesn't mean anything

4. New Britain Mayor Tim Stewart...because, while he isn't going to be out of work, he's suggested that, even if he wins the open state senate seat, he just may stay mayor too.  So, heck, I say, why not have THREE jobs

5.  Charlie Sheen...because, to be perfectly honest, we're just tired of him here

Trust me, Hosni, you'll thank me later!

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