30 January 2011

Unrest in Egypt (IV): Another idea for President Mubarak

Mr. President:

Contact Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a song about you.

I mean, they got a pretty good start already with "Pharaoh's Story" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

A little tweak here and there, and BAM, the people are humming away!

Pharaoh Hosni he was a powerful man.
With the ancient modern world in the palm of his hands.
To all intents and purposes he,
was Egypt with a capital E.
Whatever he did, he was showered with praise.
If he cracked a joke, than you chortled for days.
No one had rights or a vote but the king,
in fact you might say he was fairly right wing.
When pharoh's Hosni's around, than you got down, on the ground.
If you ever find yourself near Ramases Mubarak,
get down on your knees!

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