31 August 2010

I know nothing about the Republican candidate for CT Attorney General...

Martha Dean, but I must admit I like her campaign slogan, "Freedom.  Faith.  Fortune.", which I noticed today for the first time on a sign in the neighborhood.  It's alliterative, which is always a good thing, but, more importantly, it's decidedly unlike most current political slogans, which stress either one's experience or one's outsider status.  Candidate Dean's, however, is wonderfully opaque and raises all sorts o' questions:
Freedom of/from what? 
Faith in whom? 
Whose fortune exactly, and is that fortune as in $$$$ or fortune as in luck/destiny? 

I guess we should find out before November.

(On a somewhat related note, I love it when states ban together to sue some big entity just so newspeople can say "attorneys general," which is even a better plural than mothers-in-law...)

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