23 August 2010

And this is "Robin and the Seven Hoods" how?

So, the Broadway-bound version of Robin and the Seven Hoods has gotten rid of all the songs from the 1964 film except one -- which, I'm assuming, is "My Kind of Town (Chicago is)" and replaced them with a whole slew of other Cahn and Van Heusen songs.  This ridiculous re-write, by Rupert "The Pina Colada Song" Holmes, of all people, also means  no "Mr. Booze," "Bang, Bang", "Any Man Who Loves His Mother," "Don't be a Do-Badder," "All for One," or "Charlotte Couldn't Charleston"!

What this production should be doing is restoring "I Like to Lead When I Dance" to its proper place in the show because Frank never recorded it for the film after the production fell into a bit of chaos due to John Kennedy's assassination.

Listen, I'd go see any Cahn/Van Heusen musical (indeed what they should be doing is reviving Skyscaper!), but, if you're doing RATSH, then, by gosh, DO it.


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