31 August 2010

Frank Sinatra's TOP and BOTTOM 10 -- "Frank, Gil, and Friends" Playlist 8/31/10

I was asked to pick and play what I consider to be the best and worst songs of Frank Sinatra on today's "Frank Gil and Friends" (Tuesdays, 8-10 AM on WFCS 107.7 FM New Britain/Hartford and www.live365.com/stations/wfcs).   The bad are bad for a variety of reasons: a bad song, badly performed, ill-suited to Sinatra, maybe all three!

Here's what I came up with in no particular order (needless to say, you may disagree):

The Worst:

I Sing the Songs
I Went Down to Virginia
Mrs. Robinson
God's Country
Satisfy Me One More Time
Tennessee Newsboy
Early American
To Love a Child

The Best:

Time after Time
I'll Never Smile Again
When the World Was Young
Don't Like Goodbyes
Angel Eyes
September of My Years
Learning the Blues
Monday Morning Quarterback
I've Got You Under My Skin

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