20 August 2010

Email sent to the Department on this, the last day of my chairmanship

To all my colleagues in the English Department:

Just a (very quick) note of sincerest thanks for all your support and hard work these past seven years, while I have served as chairman. 

The one thing that, I hope, I have reiterated enough to our new chairman is that one of the real joys of his duties will be realizing what a remarkable group of dedicated, talented, and giving professionals his work will be supporting – not to mention the great support he will receive from you. 

Continue your excellent work and have a great year!

Needless to say, I’m still around (Willard 329).

Many thanks again!

Your friend and colleague,



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  2. Too bad you didn't stay chair,Dad........nut I know it kinda stressed you out, so in that way, I'm happy you didn't stay chair. But you know what I mean. ;)