16 February 2013

Well, it all began with the difference between the Spanish words "hambre" ...

...and "hombre," and turned into the question of whether Hungry-Man Dinners are still being made.

After a quick stop at the Hungry-Man Dinner website, my questions then devolved into which of the Hungry-Man Dinners I can buy at my New Britain Stop-n-Shop.

It turns out that, while I can get the Classic Fried Chicken, the Salisbury Steak, and the Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey dinners there, the Home-style Meatloaf dinner is not available.


Yes, and it became even odder when I learned that I can buy all four at the Big Y in Plainville -- just a mile or two down the street!

Are there no other meatloaf lovers in New Britain?

What kind of strange corporate decision making went into so fine a distinction as that?

Who said scholasticism died with the Middle Ages?

And what IS Salisbury Steak exactly?

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