02 February 2013

Six things I might have learned if I had listened to the Harbaugh Brothers' joint Super Bowl press conference...

...but, since I didn't, I'll just make them up:

1) Jim Harbaugh is more than 45% more likely to use some play that he and John concocted when playing football in their backyard at the ages of 11 and 12.

2) John Harbaugh should not mean, but be.

3) While they agree that their favorite Cartwright brother was Hoss, John thinks he would've been a good defensive end, while Jim prefers him as a guard.

4) Mother Harbaugh secretly likes Jim better.  Father Harbaugh does, too, with no apologies.

5) John and Jim each have a tattoo of the other's name on the back of his left knee.

6) Harbaugh is never having to say you're Belichick.

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