04 May 2012

A baker's dozen of reasons why signing the "Kelly Ripa, Give Gil a Chance" petition makes sense

13. Look how cute they'd be together!

12. The petition only seeks an audition.

11. He's only a stone's throw away in Connecticut (if you have a really good arm).

10. He'll do for morning talk, what Charles Van Doren did for quiz shows.

9. He promises to be more current in his references than "Charles Van Doren."

8. Gil's perfectly fine with Live with Kelly and Gilly Lee

7.  He's wanted to do a talk show since he used to watch Dinah Shore's afternoon shows in the '70s. (Okay, okay, same problem as "Charles Van Doren,")

6. Kelly's already shown she's quite amenable to older Catholic guys.

5.  He's only asking for an audition.
4. The other activities associated with co-hosting will require him to wear his tuxedo, and he LOVES dressing up.  (PS.: He owns the tux, so that'll save the show some rental fees!)

3. Kelly's Electrolux commercials feature the theme from Bewitched, and Gil LOVES Elizabeth Montgomery.

2. Aw, c'mon, Elizabeth Montgomery IS an improvement over "Charles Van Doren" and "Dinah Shore"! 

and the #1 reason why signing the "Kelly Ripa, Give Gil a Chance" petition makes sense:

Gil's seriously considering moving all his money to TD Bank!




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