01 March 2012

Three people whom I wish others would stop interviewing and/or giving links to...

...because they're simply saying (outrageous, stupid, insulting, silly) things to get noticed:

Rush Limbaugh

Bobby Valentine



Face it, Rush Limbaugh ain't getting fired no matter how outlandishly he speaks, so, if you disagree with him (and God bless you if you don't!), please stop listening.  He wants to offend everyone who's not a dittohead. Ignore him.  He wins every time you link to a story about him -- yes, even a negative one. 

Bobby Valentine is a dope who has never won a World Series.  His former colleagues from ESPN have been touting him for every available coaching job for years, and I'm pretty convinced it was just to get him out of the building.  He's not nearly as clever as he thinks he is (remember the fake mustache?), so please stop asking him questions.  Wait until his team starts winning or losing games that actually matter...and, maybe, not until June. 


  1. yeah i cannot believe people still listen to rush limbaugh

    1. Nick, you're right, but many do...MOST should not.

      I do have an official third person here.

      TIGER WOODS. I'm a fan, who's far more likely to watch golf coverage if he's playing, but, until he actually wins a real tournament, I'm not going to believe him when he says -- every time! -- "Oh, my game is close," especially when he can't seem to read a putt and sprays his tee shots all over the place.