05 March 2012

Can ANYONE explain the new Cartier commercial to me?

I saw it last night when it aired during The Good Wife.  Granted, I'm not their target audience, but even my lovely wife, who has excellent taste (well, excellent taste in everything except for one choice!) was baffled.  

I will say that, if the Wright Brothers had, in fact, a large quadruped on their glider, I'm even more impressed by those Dayton, Ohio boys!


  1. Doesn't do much for me, either, Gil. But let's face it, that thing costs more than we make in a year. The rich are different than you and me.

  2. It is not the Wright bros in the Cartier commercial, but Alberto Santos-Dumont, a French-brazilian millionaire, aeronaut and inventor. He was a close friend of Cartier and created the modern wrist watch for Cartier.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous! That certainly explains not a little...and is yet another example of why this blog's readers are so much smarter than its author!

  4. No problem Gigliotti, you have a great blog. I am a fan of Frank Sinatra, I was looking at your books.

    Cartier has a website with more detail: