31 January 2010

No, I'm not a Tea Partier...

...I'm not even anything close to a tea guy.

I only drink Harney and Sons' Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea and only because it tastes like that hard candy called Atomic Fireballs (which, FYI, visitors to the office of the Dean of the CCSU School of Arts and Sciences can grab from her candy dish!) -- just as sweet and cinnamony but without the sugar.

So, understand that the following criticism comes from a tea tyro, who doesn't understand anything about steeping tea and would never even consider using a loose tea:

I HATE the sachet.

It's bigger and bulkier and more expensive than the tea bag, and, as a result, less convenient and a bit less tasty -- since even in the cute tin, it's exposed to air more than the individually wrapped tea bag.

(It does hold more tea since, I'm told, more and more Americans prefer MUGS of tea as opposed to cups. But, unless you're a mug person, it's more than you need for a cup but not really enough for two -- unless you're my remarkably efficient tea-loving mother-in-law who could probably squeeze three or four cups out of one. I'm not that patient. I want a cup of Fireballs now, and I don't want a lot of fussing about...especially at the office.)

Now true tea lovers will probably be appalled by my pedestrian tea-ness, and I fully recognize my limited tastes...but I do love what I love. Ever since tasting my first H&S Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea at The Herbery, I've cut drastically back on my former fave hot beverage, Hot Chocolate!

That must give me some maturity points, no?

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  1. If you had Atomic Fireballs instead, would you dump the spice tea into Boston Harbor? :)