22 January 2010

The New Ava Gardner Museum Blog and other Ava News

I'm quite excited that the Ava Gardner Museum now has its own blog -- a chance for all of us who aren't in shouting distance of Smithfield, NC to keep up with events, exhibits, etc. at the Museum.

Other news...

Just heard from my publisher, Entasis Press, that we're looking at an April release for the new anthology, Ava Gardner: Touches of Venus.

And the free Ava film series at CCSU, "Fridays with Ava," sponsored by Alumni Affairs Office, will include a pre-screening reception at each movie! Ava with snacks on a Friday afternoon. What could be better that that?

I'm also trying to arrange with Playhouse on Park a free morning screening of Ava's One Touch of Venus. Details as they become available.

And this Tuesday at 9:00 AM on the "Frank, Gil, and Friends" radio show, we'll mark this Monday's 20th anniversary of Ava's passing with a special Ava playlist!!!!! (Just return here on Tuesday and click on the WFCS station link right on this blog!)

Ava Gardner-- alive and well in central Connecticut!


  1. Thanks for posting about the Ava Gardner Blog! We're also on Facebook and Twitter, if people are interested in interacting with the Museum in other ways.

  2. You're very welcome, Jessica. As I said, I'm looking forward to regular Ava posts!