23 November 2009

Frank Ad Nauseam

A little bit of serendipity, I guess you'd call it (or the product of a sick mind):

A 45-second "drop" ad that we recently made for "Frank, Gil, and Friends" features an outtake of Sinatra's 1958 recording session for Rodgers and Hart's "Where or When," during which he jokingly sings:

"It seems we've stood and talked like this before;
We threw up on each in the same old way
But I can't remember night or day."

This then brought to mind the chorus of the 1991 Morrissey song "Our Frank," which reads:

"So give us a drink
and make it quick
or else I'm gonna be sick
sick all over
your frankly vulgar
red pullover
see how the colors blend."

The "frank" in the Morrissey title is an adjective describing "conversation" and not anyone's name, but the juxtaposition of it and nausea just seemed too precious to pass up.

I must learn to control my instincts better.

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