10 November 2009

As the King of Siam would say...

"It's a puzzlement!"

Why would someone like me, who is not a non-political animal in the least and who understands the importance of politicking, really dislike going to University Senate meetings? I have consciously avoided it since arriving in 1992, and have only been going of late as an alternate for one of the two chairperson seats for the School of Arts and Sciences (a role that may become more regular next semester).

Am I missing something? I must be. I should like this. Shouldn't I?

But, then again, maybe my quoting the King of Siam says it all.


  1. You should not like them. Curriculum Committee reports are boring, but necessary! So are DEC exceptions, elections, faculty handbook changes, integrity committee reports, by-laws/constitutional reviews. We need controversy! Where's the Recorder?!?

  2. If you want some Connecticut college journalism turmoil, look no further than Fairfield University's "Mirror."