02 October 2009

Top 5...er...6, Reasons I 'm Not Enjoying MAD MEN As Much as I Used To

6. Bertram Cooper used to be far more pixie-ish (y'know, the way Robert Morse was in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying*).

**Speaking if which, given the success of MM, shouldn't a revival of HTSIBWRT be Broadway-bound soon?

5. Roger Sterling isn't as nearly as much fun as he was when serially cheating on his first wife.

4. Betty used to be troubled and sympathetic. Now she's just a bad mom.

3. Peggy used to be troubled by her faith and attracted to Fr. Gill. Now she sleeps with Duck (?!?!)

2. Don used to be mysterious and dangerous. Now he's just grumpy and mean.

1. Miss Holloway doesn't work there no more.

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