12 October 2009

Random Thoughts on the NFL

1. While my Cincinnati Bengals are 4-1 (and would be 5-0 if not for a fluke last minute deflection in Game 1) and atop the AFC North, it's way too early to get too excited. Is this a good place to be? Definitely. Can we stay there? Sure. Will it be easy (with both the Super Bowl Champ Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens in the same division)? No. Be happy, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

(PS: Many many thanks, Raven Ray Lewis, for those anti-officiating comments after last week's games, those plus your overly eager defensive play in the last two minutes this week definitely helped the "Cardiac Cats" win again!)

2. NFL (and, I guess, more specifically, AFC), please decide what uniforms your teams should wear because I'm just gettin' confused. I LOVED what the Broncos were wearing yesterday, but the constant use of these throwback unis are beginning to be too much.

Which leads me to this question...

3) Are more women having mammograms now that every football player seems to be wearing some pink accent on his uniform? Raising awareness is a good thing, but if it's ubiquitous it ceases to be effective. (And I'm not against the color pink: my favorite blazer of all time was a pink Palm Beach blazer circa 1986...SNAZZY)

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