14 August 2009

Terms/phrases I never want to hear again

"That's a team that's been under the radar all season."

This is especially bothersome when uttered by anyone employed by ESPN, which, as you know, IS the bloody radar. If a team has gone unnoticed it's almost certainly because ESPN isn't doing its job very well. I can't learn what a great team the Colorado Rockies are if they are always relegated behind frivolous discussions of the ubiquitous Yankees ("Is that A-Rod with...?"), Red Sox ("Wow, look at how well Kevin Youkilis threw his helmet at that pitcher!"), and Dodgers ("On the next episode of Mannywood 90210...").

"Our mission is to develop life-long learners..."

No, I think every school should just request that its students "give us ____ good years."

Elementary/Middle Schools: 8 good years.

High Schools and Colleges: 4 good years.

Do that, we can say, and you will, in the vast majority of cases, succeed quite well in whatever you choose to do. Will you be a life-long learner? Maybe or maybe not, but you will have accomplished what schools need you to do: work hard and, as a result in most cases, learn a good deal.

Anything else (for the student, the family, the school, and even the society) is gravy!

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  1. Oh oh... better get used to this one... "Our mission is to develop life-long learners..." I think it's a new student learning outcome for the FYE! I love living the late '80s all over again... hair bands, women with shoulder pads, and students becoming "life-long learners"