30 August 2009

At least this couch potato is also talking about couches...

I've been sick since Friday morning and, as a result, watched a lot of The Barclays, the first round of the PGA Playoffs for the Fed Ex Cup.

The golf was fine --- it got a bit crowded at the top of the leaderboard in the final round today which made things interesting. Tiger Woods came in tied for second again. If he had birdied the final hole, as he had a real chance at doing, he'd have forced a playoff, but he missed that putt. (While not what he wanted, he just needs to remember that his idol, Jack Nicklaus, holds the record for most runners-up in tournaments.) And that's what is so remarkable about his play: no matter how poorly he's doing something (driving or putting or chipping or...) his game is so great that he almost always manages to remain in serious contention. So, yes, he didn't win a Major this year (although he won 5 other tournaments), but in the three Majors he did finish (having missed the cut barely in the Open Championship), he was still finished in the top 10 in each. For anyone else that'd be a heckuva year; for Tiger watchers it's an unsuccessful one....

But that's not what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about Jim Nantz's taste in furniture! Jim Nantz, the main CBS anchor for golf, football, the Final Four, and whatever else the brass can find for him, is the spokesman for Furnitureland South. If, in fact, the shots of him in various rooms in the commercials are, in fact, from his actual "dream home" and not some showroom display, he has godawful taste, overdone in every way.

Now, I realize de gustibus non disputandum, and, who knows, maybe he got all of it for free, but, man, if your voiceover script reads "When I built my dream home"... you should make damn sure you surround yourself with better chandeliers, dining room sets, and overstuffed chairs than the stuff shown in the ad. I'll bet you Jimmy's good buddy, the former president and father figure, "41," George H.W. Bush, wouldn't be caught dead kicking back in any of those rooms.

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