17 July 2009

Was this common at all in 1970?

In an earlier post I mentioned Sir MacHinery, a book I enjoyed tremendously as a boy. Well, after reading the post and remembering his own childhood favorite The Jim Thorpe Story, a good friend (and regular listener of "Frank Gil and Friends" on Tuesday mornings!), went on line, purchased it, and sent Sir MacHinery to me.

A wonderfully unexpected gesture indeed! Many thanks again, Al!

So, my younger daughter and I have begun reading this tale, set in Scotland, of an American scientist and his robot who are recruited by a group of "mythical" figures (including Merlin, a witch, some wee people...) for help against the (re-)gathering of the forces of evil.

Besides enjoying the book tremendously thus far, we have noticed this odd spelling: computor.

Does anyone know if in 1970 there was some real variation in the spelling of a word that would become ubiquitous in our culture only a short time later?

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  1. I recall in high school... giving my age away... that we spelled computer... computor. At some point I recall changing the spelling because a computor was a "person" and a computer was a "machine". Now that may just be my recollection of 35 years ago... with 16 K of memory and using computer "tape" as 'storage'. Man that seems like forever ago.