23 July 2009

Frank Sinatra as WHO?

Everyone knows Ronald Reagan was considered for the role of Rick in Casablanca before Humphrey Bogart and that Frank Sinatra was considered for Dirty Harry prior to Clint Eastwood, and there are many other -- and, yes, even more -- actors and roles that never quite made it to the silver screen.

But imagine this for a moment:

Frank Sinatra as St. Paul in a Frank Capra biopic:

Music Express June 1959
Nat Hentoff, "American Airmail": Now 'Saint Sinatra'?
Frank Sinatra may play St Paul in a film that Frank Capra will direct.

Oh, what might have been!

For an intriguing defense of the idea, check out Tom Santopietro's Sinatra in Hollywood (9-10).

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