12 April 2009

I've been one poor correspondent...

...I've been too, too hard to find/but it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind.

Since I last posted, due to an unscheduled hiatus brought about by 1) computer problems and 2) a flurry of activity:

1) Pirates are back in the news (too bad the ship's captain didn't think to claim they were all orphans --- it works in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas);
2) Ted Turner personally advised my 13-year-old daughter to think "clean renewable energy;"
3) I spoke about Sinatra to ~100 women at the New Britain's Womens Club;
4) I spoke about writing, Sinatra, and Ava Gardner at the day-long Tunxis Community College Writers' Festival;
5) I've gotten even more jealous of Gina Barreca, the keynote speaker at the Tunxis Writers' Festival;
6) I resigned my spot on the Board of Directors of the New Britain Symphony Orchestra;
7) My mother-in-law completed a bracket for our little in-house NCAA bet and actually picked North Carolina to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in a final against Michigan State (she could've made a fortune in a real pool!);
8) I finally beat my wife in three straight games of Ping Pong;
9) Tiger Woods did not win the Masters; and
10) The Cincinnati Reds are only 2-3.

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