14 April 2009

Darlene, the Engish Department secretary, is correct: I'm a "Joiner"

So, last night, as is my wont, I attended the annual CCSU Student Activities/Leadership Development (SA/LD) Awards Dinner because:

1) I like getting free dinners at the University (Once, a year or so ago, I had every meal for two straight days at CCSU! Fear not, I live close to the university, so I don't ignore my wife and daughters during the busy seasons.)


2) It's always fun to start a running commentary on the awards.

(For example, I ask, how can the Pep Squad win the Student Spirit Award, which is supposed to be for the student club that most exemplifies spirit -- above and beyond its mission as an organization. Isn't spirit the core mission of a Pep Squad?! I'm not saying they aren't a wonderful club and don't deserve an award, but the Spirit Award shouldn't be an option. It would be like WFCS winning an award for being the radio station.)

Last night, for some reason, I got it into my head to annoy the head of SA/LD, Scott, by asking him when I was gonna win an award.

"I can't win that award, Scott."

"I didn't win that award, Scott."

"Am I gonna win this award, Scott?"

"We're at the bottom of the first page of the program, and I still haven't won anything, Scott."

To which he replied, "Well, you may as well leave now."

(I had won Advisor of the Year back in 2000 or 2001, so I really was being quite facetious.)

Well, guess what? I went home with the Blue Devil Spirit Award, which goes to a faculty or staff member who, apart from any specific duty as an advisor, contributes in a substantial way to CCSU and its students. (Yes, in New Britain, CT, the Dukies are the other Blue Devils.)

I was surprised and quite touched. The remarks during the awarding of the plaque read, essentially, "It woudn't be CCSU without Dr. Gigliotti."

How swell is that?

That's the thing about my life here in the Blue Devil Land: I've very rarely felt unappreciated. (And what more could one ask in a job?)


  1. We love you Gil... well not that way... "not that there's anything wrong with that". Congratulations! OMamed

  2. Thanks, Otis. I love you too!