17 April 2009

A Day (and a half, or so) in the Life of a Blue Devil Spirit Award Winner

Thursday, 16 April

7:24 AM Arrive at Work

7:30-8:05 AM Read/respond/initiate emails

8:10-9:45 AM Help staff table at the Student Union Board of Governors' (SUBOG) Commuter Breakfast outside Willard and DiLoreto Halls

9:50-10:50 AM Advise students about Fall pre-registration, address a student complaint, confer with other offices and English faculty, more email

10:55-11:15 AM Shut down SUBOG table

11:20 AM-3:30 PM Finalize DEC files for final two faculty reviews of this academic year, respond to faculty concerns about various issues, advise students, more email

3:50-6:30 PM Attend "A Night at the Museum" events as part of The University Museum Community Collaborative (UMCC) at the New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA)

6:50-9:00 PM Go home, eat dinner

9:15 PM- 12:30 AM, Friday, 17 April Back at CCSU to serve as judge, along with the University President and VP of Student Affairs, at the Devil's Den at 10 PM's annual "Talent/No Talent Contest"

12:50 AM Arrive at home

6:50 AM Respond in the affirmative when wife asks if I'd prefer her to drive older daughter to school

7:55-9:15 AM Wake up, drive younger daughter to school, and arrive at work

9:30 AM-12:00 PM Email, advising, etc...

12:00-1:30 PM Monthly Media Board Meeting

1:30-3:15 PM More advising, email, and more departmental business (good and ill)

3:30 PM Call it a week and pick up younger daughter


  1. I think you missed the 3:17 AM post to student listserv... now *that's* Blue Devil Spirit!