25 January 2014

My Super Bowl Prediction

I'm going to assume that the weather in northern New Jersey next Sunday is going to be cold and icky, the way most would think it would be the first weekend in February.  Good call, NFL -- even as the NHL is holding a hockey game outside in southern California!  (What brain trusts are running these leagues?)

I'm also going to assume that defense and a running game will, as it always has, prosper in such conditions.

BUT, since this Super Bowl is being played in an era when quarterbacks are loved and, more importantly, taken care of, I will also assume that there will be:

a) at least one (and probably two) roughing-the-passer penalties against the Seahawks,

not to mention

b) at least one defensive pass interference call against each side (although, no matter how many are called against the Broncos, the Seahawks will have at least one more than that number called against them).

As a result, the score will be a little higher than expected, since, despite his poor cold-weather record, Peyton Manning's offense will manage to move the ball more than Super Bowl-rookie Russell Wilson's.

Final Score: Broncos 17  Seahawks 14

Please, gentle reader, do not use any of this "reasoning" to actually bet on the game, as I'd be very sorry if you lost even a little money.

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