22 December 2013

A Saviour Comes Unto Thee (His Name: Tom Hanks)

With the release of Saving Mr. Banks, it struck me that this is the second "Saving" picture of Mr. Hanks, having made Saving Private Ryan in 1998.  Then I realized EVERY Tom Hanks movie is about the rescue of somebody/something.

Match the film with the Saving... title:

a. Saving Woody
b. Saving His Job (and Dignity)
c. Saving the Volleyball
d. Saving Jesus Again
e. Saving the Crying for Later
f. Saving Buzz, et alia
g. Saving the She-Fish
h. Saving NASA
i. Saving Jenny
j. Saving Jesus
k. Saving Identities
l. Saving Buzz
m. Saving His Youth (and Elizabeth Perkins)
n. Saving for College Tuitions
    (what else could explain his decision to do this dog of a movie?)
o. Saving Meg Ryan
p. Saving Meg Ryan II
q. Saving Meg Ryan III
r. Saving the Giant

1. Angels and Demons
2. Turner and Hooch
3. Philadelphia
4. Joe Versus the Volcano
5. The Green Mile
6. Apollo 13
7. Toy Story
8. Toy Story II
9. Toy Story III
10. Sleepless in Seattle
11. A League of Their Own
12. Splash
13. Big
14. You've Got Mail
15. Cast Away
16. The Da Vinci Code
17. Catch Me If You Can
18. Forrest Gump

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