14 September 2013

I may be out of step, but I've always been that way...

...since I've always preferred:

Lost in Space to Star Trek

Jose Feliciano's "Light My Fire" to The Doors'

network television to cable

The 12 Chairs to any other Mel Brooks film

Miracle on 34th Street to any other Xmas film

Popeye to any other Robin Williams film

most films without Robin Williams to films with him

and, just to make it clear,

Mindy to Mork.

I also prefer:

Zelig to Forest Gump

Ava Gardner's Barefoot Contessa to that cook's

Peggy Sue Got Married to Back to the Future

gambling on baseball to PEDs

American Graffiti to any other Lucas film

Richie Cunningham to Fonzie

Susan Saint James to Jill Saint John and Eva Marie Saint

Roger Moore as "The Saint" to Roger Moore as "James Bond"

Pierce Brosnan as "Remington Steele" to Pierce Brosnan as "James Bond"

The Montefuscos to The Sopranos

Toy Story II to Toy Story

30 minutes of Cronkite to 24/7 of any other news

Bewitched (the series NOT that Will Ferrell thing) to Harry Potter

Homicide to The Wire

Mr. Bubble to Michael Buble

Law and Order to Law and Order SVU, CI, MIA, PDQ, and WTF

Neil Sedaka's "Stairway to Heaven" to Led Zeppelin's

and, of course,

The Scarlet Letter to The Catcher in the Rye

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