08 August 2013

Top Eight Things I Learned from Student Comments on My Spring '13 Wesley Stace John Wesley Harding Course at CCSU

8. Some students don't read course descriptions (or even pay attention prior to the end of the drop/add period) since one student admitted to not realizing the course was focusing on one writer/musician.

7. The students liked having a choice of topics for the in-class writings.

6. The students really liked having the reading quizzes on Misfortune and even recommended having more of them for the the other two novels.

5. The students LOVED Misfortune. (So I should have listened to Wes when he encouraged me to "Read them in order of publication.")

4. The students really liked By George.

3. The students were not fond of Charles Jessold Considered as a Murderer. (I blame this mostly on my not preparing them for, and then drawing. the Dylan parallels more clearly.)

2. The students wanted more time for the three Stace books and less time for the song-literature parallels. (This point is the most problematic because such connections are not a small point of the course, AND I love Wes's own summation of the course as a "gateway drug to great literature.")

1. The students LOVED Wes's appearances, and so we must somehow get him back to CCSU!

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