01 April 2012

So, I just learned from my daughters about Flo Rida, a hip-hop artist...

...so I got to thinking about a new, state-inspired hip-hop (is that even hyphenated?) name for myself...

Ken Tucky

Al Aska

Mo N. Tana

but I think I have to go with

Newm Exico


  1. Minnie Sota *pop*
    Arkin Sass *electronic*
    Callie Fornia *pop*
    Orry Gon *folk*
    Virge (short for Virgil) Enya *indie rock*
    Louie Zeeyana *electronic*
    Col Lo (as in Cee-Lo?) Rado *hip-hop/rap*
    U. Tah *hip-hop/rap*
    Carol Lina *pop*
    Wyss Consin *indie pop*
    Wyo Ming *Chinese!*