10 April 2012

Back when sports were a good thing...

...sports figures said things like, "I love Brian Piccolo."

Now they say, "I love Fidel Castro."

The remarkable thing is that Mr. Guillen "loves Fidel" because of his career longevity. 

Kinda makes you glad Ozzie's a baseball manager and not the Pope or a Supreme Court Justice. 

Imagine what that reign of terror'd be like!


  1. That's not entirely fair, Gil. For one, you have to take into consideration the predominant make-up of the region, namely right wing, exiled Cuban-Americans (and descendant) with an ax to grind with the regime in Cuba (not that it isn't horrible, just that it is going to magnify the outrage). Having lived in Miami for three years, I can tell you, first hand, it is one weird ideology, and hardly one of inclusion. Was it a dumb thing to say? Without a doubt. Like residing in Capulet County, extolling the virtues of the Montagues. Still, I don't think he meant any harm by it, and was probably playing the role of Ozzie...

  2. You're absolutely right, Joe...I guess ol' Ozzie said something similar in Chicago a while back, and no one cared. Still, to admire a dictator for lasting a long time (something he managed to do by, well, behaving like dictatorially) is not unlike admiring a prostitute for being so darned friendly to everyone.

    And who said blogs had to be fair! ;)