11 December 2010

Quick takes on Xmas

1. We bought our tree and got it in its stand in the house in just over an hour (a new record)!  We'll decorate it within the next week.  (Christmas is coming...)

2. I don't expect much from a Salvation Army keeper of a kettle, but, if I'm gonna put any money at all in there, I do expect a little bell-ringing and a "Merry Christmas."

3. The holiday films and music videos that Comcast has "On Demand" are just pathetic.

4. And, y'know, "Xmas" isn't taking Christ out of Christmas at all; its origins are the first two Greek letters of the name "Christ": Chi (X) and Rho (P)...which you may have seen in any number of places superimposed, as they are here:

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