28 December 2010

Can the Feast of the Holy Innocents be tragic and romantic simultaneously?

You bet.

Today, according to the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, is the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  The feast commemorates the gospel story of King Herod's murdering of all young boys under the age of two in the vicinity of Bethlehem in an attempt to kill the newborn king about whom he had been told by the Magi on their way to pay him homage (Matthew 2:16). 

(I'm pretty sure, it's only at Christmas time when one uses the phrase "pay him homage"!  We need more homage paying the rest of the year, I believe.)

So, the tragic part of my blog's title question is pretty obvious, "but how's this in any way romantic?," I hear you asking. 

Well, on our honeymoon in late May/early June 1988, Martha and I went to the annual Spoleto Arts Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, at which one of the many excellent performances we attended was a new production by the Ensemble for Early Music of the Twelfth-Century musical drama from the Fleury Play Book," Herod and the Innocents -- in Latin -- at St. Patrick's Catholic Church!

Honeymoon memories of a wonderful trip and remarkable performances...Now THAT'S romantic!


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