18 November 2010

There's a free screening of "All The President's Men" (1976) tomorrow at 2 PM at CCSU...

..which brings up three distinct Watergate memories for me:

In April 1973, on a visit to Washington DC with other 6th-Graders from Guardian Angels School from Cincinnati, Ohio, while going past the Watergate Apartments, our tour guide offered, "and here's that place you've been hearing so much about on the evening news!"  [Evening news?!! Doesn't THAT sound dated?]

In the late spring and summer of 1974, coming home from school and watching the hearings with my mom, while she ironed, and cooked, and cleaned.  Committee members Ervin, Baker (my personal fav), Inouye, and Weicker I knew almost as well as Rose and Bench and Perez and Concepcion.

When the film version of All The President's Men was released in 1976, the entire student body and faculty of The Covington Latin School marched down Madison Avenue in Covington, Ky  to the Madison Theater because ATPM was deemed an important film for us all to see.*

I'm pretty sure I've seen the film several times since, but I'm looking forward very much to tomorrow afternoon!  (And my affection for the film also explains how a mid-70s film made the cut in a "classic" Fridays film series...not that great films weren't made in the '70s -- and beyond -- but, to my mind, there'll always be something special about a movie from before, say, 1963!)

*The school had done this once before for Godspell (1973) and would do it again in 1982 or '83, when I was a faculty member, when Gandhi was released (which wasn't nearly as good as either of the earlier films.  That Richard Attenborough's just overrated).

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